Tuesday, May 20

Curb Appeal Update!

Let me tell ya', I've been so excited to share our progress with you! We've been working every single weekend and lots of evenings on our home and I love the way it's shaping up! Just to remember, here's what it looked like before...pretty pathetic! This was right after the winter that Would. Not. End.

And here's how it looks now!

We added some perennials and mulch to the front bed. There's a rose bush in the middle that we moved from the side of the house. It never grows leaves or blooms until summer, so we can't really tell if it will make it yet. I hope so though...it's beautiful! And you can see on the far left where we moved a lilac bush.

Please excuse the garden hose. ;)  I added some extra annuals right by the front door. They're hard to see here, but we lined the bed with solar lights. It's so lovely at night.

I love hydrangeas and I'm so happy to finally have my own! I'm trying to figure out where I can plant more!

 The front porch and a close up of our new windows! I never thought I'd say this, but I love these windows! They've only been installed a short while, but I can already tell how energy efficient they are. The wicker chair came from my Mom (thanks, Mom!) and I added my Easy DIY Outdoor Pillows.


And this. This is maybe my favorite thing of all! We have a tree in our backyard that died and Sweet Hubby has been cutting it down (for months, folks. Months.) This big limb was just laying in the yard, so I had him bury over a foot of it in this little triangular bed. I added our house numbers, 2 hooks from Wal-Mart and a couple of wire baskets with coconut liners from the dollar store. The entire thing only cost about $10! I added lots of annuals from our local FFA plant sale and more mulch.

Here's our to-do list to "finish" up the curb appeal (though really, is a home ever "finished"??)

Redo the rock walkway by the triangular bed.
Make a hose holder like this one.
Add some DIY shutters.

So, that's our progress so far! Obviously, I'm REALLY excited about how it all looks! :) It puts a huge smile on my face, every time we pull in the driveway or I come outside and see the gorgeous flowers and how tidy it all looks.

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