Friday, May 16

Lawn Chair Makeover

I inherited these metal lawn chairs from my great-grandmother Nana. There are 3 total and they each had layers (and layers!) of paint and rust. I wanted to fix them up, so after reading some tutorials online, Sweet Hubby and I got to work.

Sweet Hubby found this drill attachment at Lowe's, specifically for grinding off paint chips, rust, etc We chose to use this instead of chemical stripper. We didn't want to risk damaging the chairs, since they are so old and have sentimental value to me. You should wear eye protection if you use them...paint and rust chips were flying!

After (mostly) smoothing out the rough places, I hit them with a can of primer followed by a can of spray paint. These are the products I used. It took one can of each, per chair. I was really impressed with the coverage of them.

And the After!

I am thrilled with how they turned out. And I know my Nana would love that bright blue! I still can't get over the Before & After:

They look amazing on our new patio and I can't wait to share all the work we've done on it with you! Until then, I think I hear a glass of iced tea, a good book and that chair calling my name!

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