Thursday, May 15

DIY Jewelry Holder

I don't know about you, but I'm not very organized when it comes to the bathroom. Things like makeup, jewelry and toiletries quickly get out of hand. Case in necklaces and bracelets have been stuck in a plastic box in the bathroom cabinet for I don't know how long. My daughters' costume jewelry was also mixed in. What a mess!

It was such a mess that I wouldn't wear any jewelry because I didn't want to fish it out of the tangles! I knew I needed a solution. I headed out to our scrap wood pile and came back inside with a couple of wooden boards. I ended up only using one.  To make your own like this, you'll need:

1 wooden board, 3-1/2" wide by whatever length you need (mine is 22" long)
Scrapbook paper (4-5 coordinating designs)
Craft paint
Exacto knife
Mod Podge (I used matte finish)

I painted the board and then used a colour wash I found on clearance. But it didn't work.  Check out those Xs. Yeah, those aren't supposed to be there. Craft Fail!

My next step was to cut the scrapbook paper (4 designs) into 1"x3" strips. Then I simply glued them on with the Mod Podge at an angle. I left about 1/8" between the strips of paper. I also left the sides plain (just painted, no paper).

I added the cuphooks (they simply screw into the board) and had Sweet Hubby hang it on the wall. I love the splash of color this adds to our bathroom and seeing all my jewelry makes me want to wear it now! It'll be so easy to grab a necklace or two before heading out the door.

How do you organize your jewelry? Is it easy to access or do you need a simply solution too?

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