Thursday, November 3

Carpet Before & After

Ahhh, I can breathe easy now!  The new carpet was installed on Friday and we've been feverishly trying to get our house put back in order.  That part is much slower than making the mess, but it's coming together.  To prepare for the installers, we had to remove everything from all three bedrooms, the hallway and the living room.  And it all had to be crammed into our kitchen, office nook and dining room.  Plus, we had opted to remove the old carpet and laminate flooring in order to save a few hundred dollars.  And all this had to be done while Sweet Hubby was sick and after work hours.  It's a good thing we had my amazing brothers and some fabulous friends come help us out!  Now, onto the tour!

This is after Miss A's room was emptied, just the beginning of the crazy mess (when we could still walk through the area!)  And you can see the laminate flooring that ran through the office nook, kitchen, dining and living rooms and hallway. Unfortunately, I didn't get a great before pic of the living room for you. 

A look at the old carpet...gross!!  I don't know how old the carpet is (maybe 7-8 years old?) but the previous owners had dogs in the house.  Our family has animal allergies, so this did not work for us!  Plus, it was just plain ugly.  It's almost the cheapest stuff you can get. This is a shot of our master bedroom, just as Sweet Hubby was starting to pull carpet.

And this is Miss A's room, after removing the carpet and pad.  The previous owners had painted the trim black (we had already covered up their pink and green paint job.)  While the carpet was out, I wanted to get that trim painted white and the walls painted to go with her new decorating scheme.  Yes, as a matter of fact, I may be insane.

And here is the living room after the new carpet was installed!  (And sorry for the night-time pics...Sweet Hubby was there with the installer past 7:30pm and it's been getting dark around then!)Although we had an area rug, this room was freezing in the winter so almost at the last minute, we decided to have carpet installed in this area as well.  I am soooo glad we did!  It was worth every extra penny.  Not only does the room look larger, but I can already tell it will make a major difference in our home temperature this winter. 

Once the bedrooms and hallway were installed, I brought Miss A back home (from my Mom's) to check out the progress.  She promptly went into her room and laid down on the floor.  You can catch a sneak peek of her new wall color here too...isn't it dreamy?  Just wait until you see the whole room!

And that's all I have for now.  I don't really have any completed rooms to show you because we are still trying to move furniture back into place and get things organized.  But rest assured, we are making progress and you'll see the new master bedroom paint color, Miss A's room and even the nursery soon enough!

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