Tuesday, July 27

April's Dirty Little Secret

I just told a friend that I have a deep-seeded hunger for authenticity.  I had no idea how quickly that could bite me in the...leg.  But because I never want to "put on airs" (I think I picked that phrase up from my Nana), I'm laying it all out...the dirty little secret lurking behind the door of my studio. 

This room has, so far, been sorely neglected.  First it stored nearly every possession we own until we could slowly unpack boxes and move them to their new homes.  Then, I claimed for my studio space...problem was, I never finished organizing it.  Then, with Project Home going, it became a dumping ground for half-finished projects.  And random items that I wasn't sure where to put, in my organizing tornado.  So, I was left with this.  Pretty bad I know.  And if you think that paint job is bright, you should see it in person. I almost need to wear sunglasses.  It's just another gift from the previous owners.  You might be inclined to say, "April, why don't you just get rid of some of that stuff?" to which I would reply, "Bite your tongue!!"  (Not really...that's one of my goals.)

Tonight I decided I have had enough.  So, in about 2 hours time it went from looking like the above (hideous, terrifying, a death trap really) to this.  There are still a lot of projects to do in this room, but those can wait...I'm just so relieved that it's functional!  I have space to work.  Things are put away where they need to go.  And maybe once I hang my Inspiration Board, that wall color won't bother me so bad. (Hey, I still believe in miracles, don't you?)  The armoire with the blue shelf on top was a recent yard sale find and quite the steal...only $10!!!  I have definite plans to paint it a lighter color.

Here are a couple close up shots of some of the organizing projects...super simple and free! With a 5 month old, I have plenty of formula cans.  I covered the lid with cute paper, cut slits with an exacto knife, stacked my ribbon spools inside and pulled the tails through.  The cans keep the ribbon neat and tidy inside and I'm not left with a box of knots.
I also have an over-abundance of baby food jars (my girl loves her some green beans!)  I put those to use storing my glitter.  I suppose I could spray paint the lids, but I only had 2 hours, remember?

I realize all the colors are kind of...chaotic?  Spastic?  Seizure inducing?  I hope to paint the walls, trim and furniture so that everything is a bit more peaceful.  I'll be using the fabric on the inspiration board to guide my color choices.  But until then, I'm going to enjoy my newly organized space (at least until it gets cluttered again!)

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Michael Chonlahan said...

You need to paint the room and take off the trim on the wall :)

April@ Natural Nester said...

Why don't you get right on that, babe? ;)

Anonymous said...
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April@ Natural Nester said...

Husbands...can't live with 'em, can't shoot 'em. :)

Adriene said...

So I was reading this on my iPhone, and Jasmine looked over my shoulder and said "Is that SpongeBob's kitchen?" lol, don't ask me, she's your cousin... Oh, and excellent job!!

April@ Natural Nester said...

Thanks!! And tell Jas she should know what room this is...she helped clean it up! But I had to rearrange it to fit in the new armoire. The girls will have to inspect my work Saturday. :)

April@ Natural Nester said...
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