Tuesday, July 20

Project Home

Project Home is coming along great!  As you can see, I've finished some things!!  I've also completed some other projects that aren't on the list.  And kept my house clean liveable in the process.  I'd call that success!  To recap, here are my "rules" for Project Home:

1. I must use up what I have (fabric, paint, paper, etc.) before purchasing.
2. If I must purchase something, it has to be a bargain.
3. I have to be able to do most of the work myself.  I'm trying to create as little work for Hubby as possible.  (This has involved me learning to use some power tools.)
4. I am not crazy enough to think I can get everything done, but I am trying to complete 13-23 before school starts.  The other things are smaller and can be done in my free time (if I have any!)

So, without further ado, here is the new and improved and longer list.

1. Apply vinyl letters to pantry door
2. Hang curtains in living/dining room
3. Hang inspiration board in studio
4. Hang wall art in hallway
5. Headboard for Master Bedroom
6. Install doors in Master Bedroom
7. Install trim in Master Bedroom
8. Make and install curtains for master bedroom
9. Make living/dining room wall art
10. Make playroom wall art
11. Make throw pillows for sofa
12. Organize studio supplies
13. Paint bathroom cabinets
14. Paint bathroom trim
15. Paint bedroom doors
16. Paint ceiling fan in master bedroom
17. Paint curtain rods in living/dining room
18. Paint dining room trim
19. Paint dining room walls
20. Paint hallway trim
21. Paint hallway walls
22. Paint kitchen island
23. Paint kitchen trim
24. Paint lamps in Master Bedroom
25. Paint living room trim
26. Paint living room walls
27. Paint mirror frames in bathroom
28. Paint pantry door
29. Paint playroom/office trim
30. Paint studio trim
31. Paint studio walls
32. Recover Master Bedroom lampshades
33. Recover living room lampshades
34. Replace hallway light fixture
35. Replace light fixture in half bath
36. Replace light fixture in main bath
37. Replace light fixtures in kitchen
38. Wall art for Master Bedroom

Now, I better get a good night's sleep, if I'm going to tackle more of these projects!!


Kelly said...

I just caught up on your posts since July 4th. I LOVE reading your blog! You are so crafty. I'm totally inspired! I love your "Papa Talk" too. Your insight is beautiful. Love you!!

April@ Natural Nester said...

Thanks Kelly!! I love you too! :)