Thursday, October 13

Our Family Recipe Binder

If you've been reading for any length of time, you know I'm on a quest to get our home organized.  I've already tackled the pantry and the kitchen with the help of my sweet cousins.  This week my goals included creating a family recipe binder, coupon binder and organizing our bathroom cabinets.

Project #1 was the recipe binder.  If a recipe is online or my computer, I have a really bad habit of printing it every time I need it.  Talk about wasteful! I figured it couldn't be that hard or time consuming to put together a binder to organize our favorites and I was right!  Using paper leftover from my Fruits of the Spirit collage, a 3-ring binder and some sheet protectors , I made a binder that will keep our recipes clean and corralled, and essentially cost me nothing!

I chose 8 categories based on what type of recipes I use most:
Appetizers, Snacks & Beverages
Soups and Stews
Salads & Dressings
Main Dishes
Breakfast Items
Breads & Rolls
Desserts & Treats
Hints, Tips & Mixes

I printed all my saved recipes, each on a separate page so that everything would be in the right category.  Recipes that were on magazine pages or small cards were placed in sheet protectors in the correct category, also.

In the front of the binder, I included an extra sheet protector so that when I want to make a recipe from the binder, I can keep it safe while cooking!  No more recipes splattered and ruined! Why did I never think of this before?  It may not be a fancy system or a cute little box of hand-written cards, but this works for me!

Ladybird Ln



Toni @ SugarTart_Crafts said...

Great job! I have one of these for my cake & icing recipes, but really need to get one together for everyday dinners. Thanks for the reminder!

Jenn said...

It is so nice to have all your favorite recipes in one place! Great idea with the binder.