Tuesday, September 27

Pantry Organization

Our pantry has really suffered since I've been pregnant.  It had become a dumping ground for anything that didn't really have a home and had gotten so bad that there was no room on the shelves for one more item...we had to start piling things on top of the freezer!  Then I read Kimba's post "How to Organize a Pantry the Good Enough Way" and got inspired. 

I'm almost ashamed to show you the before photos of my pantry.  Pretty bad, huh?  This is what happens when I am out of commission for awhile.  But two very sweet, dear cousins of mine have been coming over on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school and they offered to help me organize, if I'd just tell them what I needed.  Sounded great to me!

First I made a list of everything that needed to be stored in the pantry and started thinking about how to best organize it all.  We then removed everything and sorted it into piles of what we'd keep, recycle, throw out (outdated food, etc.) and what would go in our next yard sale (not food items, just some of the glassware, candle holders, etc.) 

Then those sweet girls started putting everything back, neat and orderly.  And now, it's perfect!  Everything is easy to access and no more shoving things onto crammed shelves or losing half a bag of chocolate chips behind the freezer! 

We have a hall coat closet, so there's really no need for the hanging bar on this side of the pantry.  The result is much wasted space.  I think I'll have Sweet Hubby take that bar down and hang baskets or something to store plastic wrap, foil, zipper bags, etc.  And a shoe organizer over the door could really help in storing all those small, easily lost items like boxes of baking soda.

{via BHG}

Next project?  Our kitchen...and we'll work on that this afternoon. I can't wait to see how it functions better once those girls get their hands on it! 


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