Tuesday, April 29

Easy Scrap Fabric Cleaning Cloths

I've been on a sewing kick lately while trying to use up all the fabric from my stash (quite an undertaking!!) I noticed that we were running low on cleaning cloths. Many were used up when staining wood projects, some just wore out after years of use, etc. I grabbed several fabrics and got to work!

 These couldn't be easier! Choose two coordinating fabrics. I made 3 different sizes ranging from 14x14 up to 20x16. My sizes were dependent on what I had that would work together, but you can make them any size you like. To make it easier, you can use another kitchen towel as a pattern.

Place your fabrics' right sides together and sew around the edges using 1/4" seam allowance. Leave a 3" gap on one edge.

Insert your hand in the hole and turn your towel right-side out. Use your finger or a pencil (eraser end) to push the corners out and straighten the seams. Iron the seams flat and iron the opening closed.

Sew around the edge again, with 1/2" seam allowance, making sure the opening is securely closed. Trim off extra thread and admire your work!

And the finished result...I ended up with 6 of the blue/yellow towels, 3 of the black and white chevron/floral and 2 gray/pink towels. It took me just over 2 hours, but that was with 2-year old and 4-year old helpers! :)

I know these will get a lot of use and probably end up stained, but since they cost me practically nothing, I won't be too disappointed! Plus, how lovely are they? If anything can make cleaning enjoyable, it's pretty supplies and good music!

What do you do to make cleaning more bearable?

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