Tuesday, November 26

Grocery Store Play

My kids love playing grocery store now so when I saw a grocery store play area, complete with awning, I knew we had to make one for our kiddos! I showed Sweet Hubby the tutorial and when the weekend hit, we headed to Lowe's for materials. 

We started with a PVC frame and followed this tutorial, except that we ran the right leg (left side of this pic) to the floor instead of to the top of the shelf (our closet was slightly wider than the shelf. You'll have to figure out what measurements to use and if you need to make adjustments like this.) The construction was really easy.  We could have saved a bit of money by buying "flimsier" pipe, but this was in 5-foot sections instead of 10 and just easier to transport. I can't find the receipt, but we spent about $20. Even with the slightly more expensive pipe, I still consider this a thrifty project!

I bought fabric for the awning, but I didn't get enough, so I scoured my stash and found a polka dotted bed sheet. I measured and cut 2 pieces. Sweet Hubby attached the triangle side piece first, then the large rectangle top piece (I was too short to reach!) We used hot glue because I didn't want to sew and I knew it would hold up.

The last detail was the Grocery sign. I made it by hand, out of poster board from my stash. I used markers and made it during a Netflix marathon night with Sweet Hubby. :) Eventually, I'll make a chalkboard sign instead, so we can change it out as the play changes: Grocery, Post Office, Cafe, etc.

I have a couple other projects to show you, including the shelf set up for this area and some fun play additions. Until then, hope you've enjoyed this little tour of our Grocery Shop!

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