Friday, November 22

Dramatic Play Grocery Store

My daughters are really getting into dramatic play lately, specifically Grocery Store. Using stuff from around the house, I've been putting together things for them to play with.

For this project, I started with these supplies: a treat box (found in the Christmas section at Hobby Lobby; it's a package of 10, but I needed the others for Christmas goodies), a printed picture of cupcakes, packing tape, clear contact paper and scissors. I also used a ruler and Scotch tape (not pictured.)

It was so easy! I just measured the window in the treat box and cut the picture 1/2 inch larger than the opening. I used the Scotch tape to tape the image inside, then put the box together.  I used the clear contact paper to cover the box. Where the contact paper overlapped, I secured the edges with packing tape, just to make sure Sweet Girl (almost 2-years old!) can't tear it apart. :)

I've used clear contact paper to cover other boxes from the kitchen as well...pasta, pastries, bread mixes, etc. Won't be long and they'll have a fully stocked grocery store! Sweet Hubby and I are working on a big project to really make the grocery store special. You'll have to come back later this week to see will NOT want to miss this! :)

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