Tuesday, October 22

Summer Bucket List

 photo summerbucketlist-final.jpgYes, I know it's Autumn. And I already posted my Autumn bucket list and my Autumn front porch. But Bucket Lists are so popular now that I wanted to give you another option for creating one for your family. This is the one I made for the summer, but you could easily adjust the idea to fit any season.

To make, you'll need:
Chipboard or cardboard circle (got mine from the dollar store)
Scrap fabric, torn or cut into strips
Clothespins (enough for each item on your list)
Craft paint and brush
Printed bucket list (print items in small squares so they'll fit on your clothespins)
Adhesive (whatever type you like to use; I used something like this one)

 photo 944105_10200802388878838_185120093_n.jpg
Wrap your circle in your scrap fabric, securing the end of the strip with glue. Paint clothespins to coordinate with your fabric (or better yet, let your kids do it! I put them on the sides of these containers to make it easier for my 3 year old.) When dry, glue strips of paper with your bucket list items to the open side of the pins. Add clothespins to your wreath and enjoy! We removed the pins as we completed each thing on our list. To hang mine, I tied another long strip of fabric around it, then used a flat thumb tack to secure it to the top of the pantry door.

This project didn't take long to complete and added fun color to our pantry door all summer long.

xo, April

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