Wednesday, February 1

Rainbow Birthday Shirt

I made Miss A a special birthday shirt to wear for her party last Saturday. I followed Crystal's tutorial at Little Bit Funky.  I love how it came out, but the icing on the cake was when I showed it to Miss A.  Her face lit up and she said, "Oh Mama, pwetty!"  Made. My. Week.  :)  Here she is, wearing it at her that adorable ruffle skirt, too!  (It was a birthday gift from one of her favorite Aunties!)

And here she is wearing it today...see how the edges frayed in the wash?  I love that vintage appeal!  The cloud is just a scrap of a gray fleece blanket...I love how Crystal used white chenille, but I wanted to use a white t-shirt and it wouldn't have shown up.  Plan B turned out pretty good anyway though, right?

So tell you like to craft for the littles in your life?  What's the most recent thing you've made for a munchkin?


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