Monday, February 13

Coffee Filter Wreath

I promised pics of the new pantry door wreath and here it is! It's a coffee filter wreath (which I first saw at The Nester.) I know these have been around forever, but  I wanted to make a wreath using stuff I already in the house and this fit the bill!  Right now it's hanging by a strip of fabric, but I plan to pick up some much wider black-and-white polka dot ribbon at Hobby Lobby to use (and bonus...this week it's 50% off!)

I used a 10" Styrofoam wreath form, white coffee filters and some florist pins (all from my craft stash!) Total cost was probably less than $5.  I used about 250 coffee filters folded into quarters, if you want to make your own.  After about an hour of pinning while watching Miss A's favorite movie with her (Monsters Inc.) I had a huge, fluffy, ruffly wreath to add to the pantry door!


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Esther (AKA Chester) said...

Cute wreath! I have seen them made with hot glue and tan filters..but not with the pins before! yay I have everything I need on hand!