Tuesday, December 6

Menu (Monday?)

Yeah, I know it's Tuesday.  But I literally worked on this all afternoon yesterday and part of the evening.  Wanna know why it was so hard?
  1. I'm having gall bladder trouble, so I need to eat stuff that's fairly low-fat, dairy-free and not too spicy.  That's not how I roll, ya'll.  (The Mexican things I have listed are easily adjustable though, so that will help!)
  2. I was trying to make this a "raid the pantry" week and not have to grocery shop until this weekend, requiring multiple trips to the pantry and refrigerator to see what was available.  I think I need an inventory system.  (And I still had to go to the grocery store.  Ugh!)
  3. There is a precious baby taking up valuable front maneuvering space.  So, I can no longer reach down into our chest freezer to retrieve food or even see what's available.  I had to wait for Sweet Hubby to come home and dig around in there. 
Anyway, the following is what I came up with.  I'm not sure what we ate last week because I had 2 items on the menu that are recycled from then.  What happened last week?  It's all a blur.

Lunch: Tuna Noodle Casserole {This, my friends, is comfort food from my childhood.  And also, not gall bladder friendly.}  :(
Dinner:  A blur of Christmas lights, Wal-Mart and Charlie Brown Christmas (did I stop to eat???)

Lunch: Slowcooker Chicken Tortilla Soup (Recycled from last week.  Double Yum.)
Dinner: Beef Stirfry over Rice (Recycled from last week.)
Lunch: Roasted Whole Chicken with Roasted Veggies
Dinner: Mexican Chicken Casserole (made from leftover lunch chicken)
Lunch: Leftovers
Dinner: Beef & Barley Soup, Homemade Hot Rolls
Lunch: Teriyaki Chicken over Rice
Dinner: Date Night/Christmas shopping
Lunch: This is the day I'm looking forward to most this week.  It's Family Bake Day!!!  My Uncle is smoking chickens and we'll all bring side dishes to share for lunch.
Dinner: Either leftover lunch or eating out because I'll be exhausted!
I still owe you some recipes from the last two weeks, huh?  I'll get to working on that, promise!  And stay tuned because I have a really important book review and giveaway coming on Thursday and Friday of this week...you won't want to miss it!


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