Wednesday, December 7

Book Review: Good And Easy Eats

Disclaimer:  I received a free copy of this new e-book by Kim Wilson, Good and Easy Eats, in exchange for a review and hosting a giveaway on Natural Nester. The opinions in this review are 100% mine.  The photos in this post are from Kim's website, Good and Easy EatsI'll be hosting a giveaway for a free copy of of this book on Friday, December 9! Check back to enter for your chance to win!

The Claims: 

Kim promises that the recipes in her cookbook will be:
Exceptionally Nutritious
Tasty and
Staple Recipes. 
She says that the book is a good fit for vegans, vegetarians and those with food allergies, that it is beneficial to those eating a fairly standard diet (that's me!) who want to begin cooking more naturally. 

I've had an interest in real/whole foods eating for the last year or so, but it seemed like every blog or cookbook I found that promised to make it "easy and accessible" to normal, busy Moms never lived up to the hype.  I had three main questions:

  1. Were the ingredients easily accessible and affordable?  I need to be able to do my shopping at local stores and not have to drive 60+ miles to big (and expensive) health food stores for the ingredients.  And I also didn't want to have to spend way more than my existing food budget.
  2. Were there simple and straightforward prep instructions?  Could I work them into my normal routine?  With a toddler and another baby on the way, I don't have hours (or energy!) to spend in the kitchen every day.
  3. Were the resulting meals something my family would actually eat?  Keep in mind that I cook not just for my husband, toddler and I, but I also cook for my extended family at least once or twice a week (including grandparents eating a 100% standard American diet.)
My Reaction:

With the exception of three items (flax oil, tahini and agave syrup), I generally keep (and use!) every one of the ingredients listed in Kim's "Stocking a Basic Pantry" section.  They are items I'm familiar with, so I know I won't be too intimidated to use them and they aren't too expensive since I buy them already!  Downside:  There are other ingredients listed in the actual recipes that I will have to locate (sorghum flour?) if I am going to follow the gluten-free recommendations in the book; luckily, she gives instructions if you don't have to/want to be GF.

I love seeing that she included recipes for making Nut Milk (I've had to go dairy-free recently and buying Almond Milk can get expensive!) and the recipe for Blender Pancakes and Waffles (that you can freeze) is perfect for our small family since we can never eat a whole batch at a time.  Kim also includes a huge list of snack ideas, something that I'll definitely put to use.

I have plans to make at least two of the recipes listed next week and review them here on the blog. I'll let you know which ones I select when I post next week's Menu Monday.

If you are interested in this ebook, come back Friday, December 9 to enter for your chance to win a free copy!  And if you don't win, the book will be available beginning Saturday, December 10 for only $4.99!!  That's a GREAT deal and well worth the price, I believe!


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