Friday, July 1

Play Kitchen: FINALLY!!!

This has been one of the projects that just would not end!!  But let's not dwell on the problems I ran into or the rude Lowe's guy...let's get to the pictures!!

EDITED TO ADD BEFORE PHOTOS:  Carlee asked about a before pic...I can't believe I forgot to include it!  Here's the before/after of the paint job, then the finished kitchen photos to follow.

-Small nightstand/bookshelf turned play kitchen.
-Wooden plaques with vinyl swirls for the burners
-Real knobs from an old stove
-Silver bowl for sink and faucet from Habitat ReStore

-Bottom door opens for the oven; my fantastic brother cut it
on the table saw and sanded the edges to round them off.
-Top shelf provides storage for all the kitchen toys

The look on her face:  PRICELESS!

And here's the cost breakdown:

FREE Stuff from my craft stash or family members:
  • Paint
  • Knobs from my Mom's old stove
  • Cabinet Pull (leftover from kitchen remodel)
  • Wood for oven door (scrap from my brother's job)
  • Vinyl for stovetop burners
  • Silicon for attaching sink
Stuff I had to buy:
  • Nightstand/Bookshelf from yard sale:  $2
  • Hardware to make oven knobs work: $1
  • Faucet from Habitat Restore: $5
  • Metal bowl for sink from Habitat Restore: $1
  • Fabric (used 1/8 yard) from Hobby Lobby: 50c
  • Wooden plaques for burners from Hobby Lobby (half off sale): 50c each
  • Piano hinge (12" hinge for the bottom door): $6

 TOTAL O-O-P COST: $16.50
It's all money well spent because Miss A loves it!!  She likes it so much that she played with this instead of watching Duchess (Aristocats)...and in this house, that's a big deal!  : )  I'll be hitting yard sales and thrift stores for some kitchen items for her to play with...big spoons, small pots and pans, etc.  So much fun!  If you have questions about how it's put together, feel free to ask in the comments!

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Tina said...

Love this! I'm so amazed at how CHEAP it was too! You did an excellent job! I don't have children yet, but my mom and I keep filing great ideas like this!

Kristy said...

Crazy cute! Looks like the end result was well worth it! :)

Ladybird Ln said...

This is so darling! I have always wanted to make one! Do you have a before pic? Also look on my blog today:).... Well later the post is not quite up yet!


Timothy said...

Great project! We'd love to feature this on Built by Kids