Thursday, June 30

Thrifty Thursday: Estate Sale Finds

We only stopped at 2 sales on Saturday before I ran out of money.  : )  The first sale was an estate sale and that's where I got all my fun loot!  I guess they were open on Friday too because every price tag had been slashed through and a new price written...the new prices were all at least half-price!
Mantel clock (plugs in and is plastic...yuck!  But I have big plans!) $2

Wooden magazine rack?? (I guess that's what it is...big plans for this one too!) $2

Vintage bedsheets (one full-size set and one flat sheet; the top one is maybe the prettiest floral pattern I've ever seen in my life!) $2.25
It made a great living room tent for Miss A this week! 

Twin size vintage bedspread (the bottom one with the quilt print; reminds me of the county fair!) 25c

4 vintage saucers (plan to make a plate wall like this one) 4/$1

I took more than $7.75 with me so where'd the rest of my money go?  Well, at Yard Sale #2, we found a diamond plate toolbox for a pickup truck.  My brothers have wanted to get my Dad one for awhile and this deal was too good to pass up.  We snatched it up and delivered it that morning and I'm happy to say he really likes it!  

After dropping off the toolbox, my parents invited us along on a trip to the farmer's market.  I didn't expect to buy anything (I was out of cash), but once there, we found a booth and I just couldn't say no!  I scrounged $1 from Mom and came home with 4 ginormous zucchini!!!  Yep, 4 for $1!  I put a regular teaspoon on top of them so you can see the scale.  We used 1 of them for Sunday Dinner. The others will be roasted for lunches/dinners this week or shredded and frozen so I can add them to sauces, breads, etc.   

Have you found any treasures lately?  I'd love to hear about them!

Come back tomorrow for the big Play Kitchen Reveal!  (Click here to see the Play Kitchen!) I'm so excited to show this project to you...I feel like I've had this project going for m  o  n  t  h  s, but it's finally finished!



Korrie@RedHenHome said...

Ooh, those ARE some great finds! Love the little clock.
Thanks for your kind comment on my 'tea tray' at Red Hen Home!

April@ Natural Nester said...

Thanks! I love hitting the sales! :)