Monday, July 18

Menu Monday

I've decided to start posting Menu Monday as a challenge to myself to stick to the plan!  It's very tempting to run for takeout when it's 112 degrees outside!  But for this month, I focused on menu plans that involve the slowcooker, grill or stovetop instead of the oven.  Items in green are new recipes I'm trying this week...hopefully I'll have some winners to share with you!

So, here's my plan for this week:

Monday: Loaded Slowcooker "baked" potatoes, steamed veggies
Tuesday: Pizza Calzones (using frozen pizza dough from Pizza Night)
Wednesday: Slowcooker Sloppy Joes
Friday: Slowcooker Hominy Taco Chili
Saturday: Grilled Brats
Sunday: Stick to Your Ribs Dinner (from a Taste of Home book)

Well, that's the plan...hopefully I can stick to it!


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