Tuesday, July 12

Vacation & Pretend Shopping

I know I said I'd be back this week with some finished projects and thrifty finds, but I've decided to take the week off.  It's summer...I need a break.  : ) Until next week, here is a lot little bit of randomness.

Flower Patch FarmGirl just wrote a post about how to not shop.  My favorite line?  "Nothing is worth having if you have to rob your future self to get it."

The Lure and Myth of the Big House over at A Soft Place to Land is fantastic.  Preach it, Sista!


Miss A has taken to dressing herself.  Yesterday she tried to wear the following items as pants:  her shirt, my dress, my bra, Sweet Hubby's socks, his underwear and a bath towel.  All of these items were taken from the (clean!) laundry folded on the sofa...laundry that is no longer folded thanks to said dressing session.

Miss A got her first fudge bar from the ice cream truck that's now making a weekly appearance in our small town.  She was not a fan.  Also, she's wearing her Daddy's socks in this pic.  : )  (Please excuse terrible phone pic.)

We are in the midst of a string of 100+ degree days here in sunny Oklahoma.  I'm starting to get cranky.  And look at real estate up North anywhere that's cooler than here.

At this precise moment, my house looks like an F5 tornado has blown through.  The walls are still standing, but little else is recognizable as a home.  I desperately need to clean.  Desperately. 

That's enough total randomness for now, wouldn't you say?  Hope you have a terrific week and that wherever you are, it's cooler than here!  And if not, I hope you make it to the swimming pool/water park/sno cone stand soon!


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Ladybird Ln said...

I love the, I will dress myself phase.. I have many great pictures! Last summer by little boy would only wear cowboy boats, he looked a little silly going to the pool, but that is OK! My two year old wore a long blue striped shirt yesterday with pink plaid shorts!

Also, did you know your button does not work... I fixed it over at my blog, and can help you fix yours if you need... mainly their was extra spaces by a couple things...