Friday, June 3

Crafty Confession

I have a confession to make on this blessed Friday afternoon.  Why?  Because confession is good for the soul. At least that's what I've heard.  Ready for it?  Here it comes...I cannot make those tissue paper pom poms that everyone is crazy about.  I have tried.  Lord knows, I've tried.  But I cannot make them.  None of the 304,000 google hits on "how to make tissue paper pom poms" is any help to someone who is obviously tissue-paper inept.  

Martha's?  Full, symmetrical, happy pom poms.  These poms get invited to all the parties.

Martha Stewart

Mine? Awkward, teenage pom poms trying to hide behind the bleachers.

I think it's time to admit defeat (after so many attempts) and just order a dang kit.   Happiness is found, my friends, in knowing what you can do and also what you can't.  ; )


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