Monday, May 16

Mailbox Makeover

A few years I snagged this little mailbox/paper sorter thingamajig at a yard sale...I'm sure I didn't pay more than $1 for it.  I bought it with every intention of fixing it up, but the poor thing sat neglected on our desk, holding postage stamps, bills and checkbooks for who knows how long. 

This week, I finally took pity on it. I emptied it only to be reminded that it isn't even's plastic.  From the 70s.  Eew.  But a few coats of spraypaint (Mediterranean from Valspar, if you must know)and some scrapbook paper (clearance from Hobby Lobby) later, and now she's a happy little lady, sitting pretty on our desk.  What, you don't personify all the items in your house?  : ) 

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Mrs D said...

o how i wish i was this organised. Great colour!

Ally said...

OMG! I have that EXACT mail/bill organizer. It's handy. I keep bills and stamps and stuff in it, but yeah, it's ugly with a capital UG ... and isn't weird how it's plastic, not wood? I never thought of spray painting it. I might give that a try. That might make paying bills just a little more fun. (Or not.)

{northern cottage} said...

too funny! I have an ugly brown one (EXACTLY) like this that I just spray painted much cuter...I love your aqua version too!

Jen said...

Oh wow. The paint really transformed that piece. I love the blue color.

Mrs. Nepper said...

Love that paint color. Beautiful transformation.