Sunday, April 3

So, what do you think?

Quite by accident, I deleted my old blog template!! I was trying to see if I could test-drive a different template, but no...I lost the old one completely.  Ugh!! I ended up having to pull something together quickly or it would have looked like a really big mess.  I'm not sure I'm completely happy with this (in fact, I know I'm not) so, please be patient while the dust settles, as I'm sure I'll be making several changes this week to the set-up around here.  I'm trying to create some buttons, some menus and more to make it easier to navigate my little nest on the web.  Since I'm not a web designer, that should make this a boat load of fun.  Or not.  Please send chocolate...I may not survive this process without it.  : )

In the meantime, I have several new posts written and projects to share this week, so stay tuned!



Jessica said...

eeeeee!!! i LOVE this layout! so fresh :)


April@ Natural Nester said...

Thank you Jessica!! That layout that I had up was a little too modern for me...I'm still playing around to find something I can live with for awhile! :)

Jessica said...

well this is ABDORBS too!!!