Thursday, March 31

Whew...I need a nap!

It's been a VERY busy past few weeks around our nest.  That much needed bloggy break gave me time to complete some projects, get caught up on schoolwork, do some organizing around here AND focus on Miss A while Sweet Hubby was in...Thailand!  Yep, that's right...he took off to Thailand for a week to visit his family there.  I think he had an amazing time, even if we were going crazy missing him!  I told him if he ever tries to leave again, we're locking him in the closet, to which Miss A replied, "Yes!" 

Here are some photos he took on his trip.  I can't tell you what most of it is...but the pics of Sweet Hubby and the flower pics are my favorites!  And yes, I was totally envious that he was in a place with palm trees, sunshine and 80-degree weather while we were in Oklahoma with mostly dead grass, chilly temps and misty, overcast skies.  But I'm so glad he had the opportunity to go on this trip, meet his family there and experience so much (not so thrilled that he experienced an earthquake!  Yikes!)

The pic to the right is a fresh bunch of bananas...he said they were bright yellow inside (not like ours which our almost white!) and they were super-sweet.  He said they ate a lot of fresh fruit, so I'm sure he was in heaven...he loves fresh fruit!  :)

The picture to the left was taken (I think) in the King's mother's flower garden (??)  He said it was beautiful and so much was blooming.  Apparently the climate there is perfect for growing just about anything...he has pictures of petunias and lobelia growing.  Sigh!  I would have loved to have gone with him, but 30 hours of travel one-way with a one-year old?  No thanks, at least not this time around!  Sweet Hubby, we are glad you're home!  We missed your sweet face!  :)

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