Friday, April 15

Craft Supply Swap Party

After getting such a great response with my Sheet Music Supply Trade I decided to do us all a favor and take it public!  I'm hosting the first ever (at least here on Natural Nester) Craft-Supply Swap Party!  I think this will be a lot of fun!  It will be like shopping, but without spending any money (except shipping)...and does it get better than that?

Here's how it works:
  1. Post your show-and-tell.  Write a blog post, Flickr or Photobucket photo set, where you explain what craft supplies you have to trade and what you're most interested in receiving.
  2. In your post, make sure to list how people can get ahold of you (email, private message, tin can and string, carrier pigeon, whatever.)
  3. Link here to your direct blog post or photo set (not just your main page.)  When you link, list what category of supplies you're offering:  Scrapbook, Sewing, Painting, etc.
  4. Look around the links to see if there are supplies you're interested in.  Contact that person and set up the swap!  How you make the exchanges and what you deem is a fair swap is up to you (who pays shipping, how you exchange info, etc.)  If both of you agree, go ahead with the swap.
  5. Update your blog post/photo account as you give items away so that people who visit later know what you still have available.
  6. Link back to Natural Nester.  That way others can find out how to get in on the fun too!  (I don't want to be a meanie and delete entries, so please link back!)

Natural Nester

DISCLAIMER:  I am just the hostess.  If you give out your personal information to some lunatic, I cannot be held responsible.  Check the person out before sending your mailing address. (Follow your gut!)  Let's all be safe and have fun, shall we?  I'll leave the linky up until May 30, then it will close.  That should give everyone plenty of time to go through those stacks of fabric, boxes of beads and files of paper (you know you have them!!!) and see what you want to share. 

Have fun and clean out those craft rooms!



Shannon said...

This gives us a reason to look forward to Monday!!!!! :O)

April@ Natural Nester said...

Yeah Shannon!! It's going to be so much fun!

Shannon said...

I will be the first, here is my link

April@ Natural Nester said...
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