Thursday, April 14

Up for Grabs: Sheet Music Supply Trade

I have some old sheet music that I am clearing out.  And by some, I really mean 3 moving boxes worth.  (Don't's a long story.)  Anyway, I'm planning to save 20 sheets or so for crafting, but I'm in full on declutter mode and the rest of it needs to find a new home. 
Why am I making a blog post out of this?  Because I know there are other crafters reading and I'd love to share the wealth!  If you would like to trade old sheet music for something, I'd love to hear from you!  I'm specifically looking for assorted buttons (the more colorful, the better!) and zippers (all colors and sizes), though I'm open to just about anything!  Now for some Supply Trade details:
  • There are some books, but most of it is loose sheets or books that have lost their bindings.  There aren't complete sets of any given song, so it is only useful for crafting.
  • The music is old, so some of it is fairly brittle.  I will choose only the sturdiest sheets to send to you.
  • When you email, provide your name and mailing address, as well as how many sheets you want and what you're offering to trade.  I may not accept all trades (for instance, I do not need embroidery floss.  I have about as much of that as I do sheet music!)
  • This Supply Trade is available only in the contiguous United States.  (Is that the right word?  It doesn't sound right to me? EDIT:  My genius friend Kelly confirmed that it is, indeed, the right word to use.)
If, after all that, you're still interested, send me an email at aprilchon{at}gmail{dot}com no later than Friday, April 22 and we'll see what we can work out! 

Happy Crafting!


Anonymous said...

I have various crafting supplies that ive been wanting to remove from my supplies: includes alot of seed beads and other misc beads, random patches, yarn (pastel pink, varigated baby, etc) and tons of fabric i dont need or use. if your interested in any of that id be willing to trade for a few sheets ( id use them for collages and picture background). i can send you pictures tomorrow if you want to see anything....
you can email me at if your interested

Shannon said...

If anyone is interested I have burgundy tulle (maybe 5 yards) for trade. and let me know what you have for trade...I am looking for sewing items (schmetz universal needles, fabric, ribbons, patches, floss, thread, old jeans, buttons, zippers), beading supplies (acculon, beading wire that is 14 or 16 gauge, jump rings, beads of any sort, etc). I am also looking for old books with printed covers. I would be willing to trade other items not listed, let me know what you have. Thanks for reading and I have pictures available.