Friday, February 4

Rules of Containment

I've always thought I'm a pretty good winter gal.  Some folks don't like winter, being cold, the snow.  But me?  Well, I've always had it in my head that I'm a winter gal, one that can handle the cold, as long as I bundle up, drink hot cocoa, get into a good book.  Snow? Bring it on 'cuz I'm a winter gal!

Friends, I have been sadly mistaken.  I am not a winter gal.  I have a fond affection for the idea of winter. This snow is on my last nerve.  It's only been on the ground for what?  Four days?  But already I've got a mad craving for sunshine and color.  Enough with the white...bring me turquoise, pink, yellow.  Anything but white please.  I may have to go to Hobby Lobby and stare at the spray paint, just so I get some sort of fix.  (Please note:  I said stare at the spray paint. That's all I need to do to get a fix.  Nothing more.  I promise.)

Those of you up north, surrounded by snow for months on end?  Well, you'll be in my prayers.  Because if there was snow in my yard for that long, I know I'd need every bit of prayer I could get.  So, based on my extensive (4 days) knowledge of being cooped up inside due to ungodly wind chills and snow, snow and more snow, here are my Rules of know, the things you need to follow if you're trapped.

  1. Have something pretty to look at.  In my case, it's this beautiful lump o' sugar, Stage Right. And if she's in adorable PJs and smiling like her life depends on it, even better.
  2. Eat good food.  I always make fun of the people who stock up for a few days of stormy weather, but I'm a believer.  You need to be able to eat more than mac 'n' cheese from a box.  (Strike that.  You should never eat that.  Yuck.)  Buy yourself a couple of whole chickens, have plenty of butter on hand and cook and bake your heart out.  Food doesn't have to be bland just because the landscape is.
  3. Keep yourself busy.  Around here that's meant cooking (See Point 2), loving on our girl (See Point 1), napping (no pics of that...we were asleep) and working on Miss A's giant birthday present (pics to come later).  Oh yeah...and tackling the enormous pile of laundry!  Who knew it would only take 4 days of containment for me to catch up?
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to stand at the window, click my heels and wish to see my brown, straggly grass again.


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