Friday, February 4

One Little Change

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I'm that girl. The one who says, "Of course I can get 4 loads of laundry done, pay the bills, vacuum the carpets, take out the trash and roast a chicken before lunch."  You know the one.  The girl who takes on too much.  The girl who says yes when she should say no.  The girl who wants so desperately to be Superwoman, but looks in the mirror and realizes she has more in common with Lucy Ricardo (minus the red hair). 

So when I decided that this would be my year, the year I reclaim my health, make positive changes in the way we eat, the way we live?  Well, you can probably guess the ending.  I figured we'd have that part down by January 31st.  Ha!  Turns out, life is a little lot more complicated than I want to admit.  Then I saw on a favorite blog a link to this blog and found a great little idea:

I love what she says about One Little Change:  one little change is about seeing lasting difference and making real progress on the big goals in life by being faithful in small monthly changes.  Hmmm...that sounds familiar, doesn't it?

He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much.
Luke 16:10

So, I can make one little change?  Is that allowed?  It would seem that I offer far more grace to others than I give to myself.  What's my one little change?  I'm not sure yet.  I don't have it all figured out.  Shocker.  But I know that when I pray, He answers and He's the one directing my steps.  So when I find out, I'll let you know...until then, I'm praying, quietly seeking, desiring His will.


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