Sunday, January 16

Sunday Potluck

Between now and planting time we'll more than likely get some type of wet, winter precipation and the local news stations will be declaring it Winter Storm 2011...dun dun dun!  (Um, that was dramatic music, in case you didn't get it.  Oh, you still don't?  Ok, click here for a listen.)  Anywho, it's not spring.  It may have felt like it yesterday when the highs were in the 50s, but it's not.  That was a cruel joke by Mother Nature.  I'm saying that more for my benefit that yours.  April, it is NOT spring.  It is winter.  Don't get your hopes up.  Moving on.

Until spring makes her appearance (and to keep me from going crazy with cabin's highly dangerous, you know!) here's a fun tour of some of my favorite online stops:

Meadowbrook Farm Greenhouse

Meadowbrook Farm Teresa has some serious skillz.  I mean, she can cook.  She can decorate. She can garden.  She takes the most beautiful photos you've ever seen (see that?  bold, underline AND italics...that's how much I love her photog skills).  Oh my, how I wish she'd adopt me and teach me every. stinkin'. thing. she. knows.  Please, Teresa?  Purty Please?  You know you want to.  I'll bring sweet tea and three kinds of cheese (just for you!)

Shannan over at Flower Patch Farmgirl is another favorite stop.  In fact, I MUST stop there once a day.  And no RSS feed for me thankyouverymuch.  I need to see her words, her photos in action.  Her kids are ca-yute!  Each child came to them through the miracle of adoption and well, that just had my heartstrings from go. From kiddo tales to recipes to Grocery Store Confessionals, (I admit, I can't get enough of the GSCs!), this girl has style, wit and a mad sense of humor.  (And ignore what she says about her's adorable.)

The adventures of jolly goode gal just gives me that warm feeling, like being home.  Not only does she have one of the coolest names for a woman I've ever heard (Jerusalem!) but she has amazing style and crafty sensibility.  And her Sweet Hubby and their two adorable little boys are preparing their hearts and homes to receive a new family member via adoption.  Are you seeing a pattern here?  Me too...hmmm.

Brin.  Oh my, this gal has been through the wringer.  I've been a faithful reader for at least 4 years and can honestly say I've ready every single post she's ever written.  I even stalked found her little bakery when we were passing through east Texas (but just missed her, as she had already sold out and went home for the day!) I love her recipes, her dreams, her dog Millie.  I can't wait to watch her progress as she builds a cottage on a patch of land, plants and harvests her garden, creates a new life for herself.  It's going to be beautiful to watch and I intend to be there every step of the way.

Um, does this really need an explanation?  If it does, I may have to unfriend you on Facebook. Just sayin'.

Same goes for this.  This makes me want to buy another piano.  I want to play again.  I need to play again.

And that is least for tonight.  Sweet dreams...I've listened to that first link about 5 times, so I know I'll be having sweet dreams tonight!  :)


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Jerusalem and T-Bone? I'm in great company! You are so sweet, girl! I'm not familiar with Brin, but she sounds pretty amazing, too. Off to check her out!

ps - Liked your "random" list. :)

April@ Natural Nester said...

Thanks Shannan...I was inspired by Six on Sunday. Except I couldn't think of a catch-phrase like that and didn't want the limitation of a theme. Don't fence me in! ;)

Teresa said...

Thanks for the shout out, April! Since you promise three kinds of cheese AND sweet tea, I promise I'll make up a whole bunch of photography stuff just for you. (That's what I do when I don't know the answer. I'm so good at it, you won't know the difference.)
Have a great day, April!