Thursday, January 13

10 minute Craft: Lavender Sachets

A friend was kind enough to share a small snack-size plastic bag of dried lavender with me a few weeks ago.  I wasn't sure what to do with it, so it sat on a shelf in my kitchen.  This morning I saw the little bag sitting there and knew if I didn't do something, they'd just go to waste.  So in about 10 minutes, I whipped up three little sachets to use around the house. 
I used small scraps of fabric from Miss A's bedding set...each piece was about 4x6 inches.  I folded them in half (right sides together) and stitched 2 open sides.  I turned it right side out, added 4-5 big spoonfuls of dried lavender, then stitched up the opening.  Since these will be going in our pillows, in the dryer or in a dresser drawer, I didn't worry about appearances.  No need to even change the thread!  Talk about easy!

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