Sunday, November 7

20 Days of Gratitude: Day 2


From November 6 until Thanksgiving, I'll be posting everyday, talking about someone or something I'm grateful for. I invite you to participate along with me. If you have a blog and will be participating, send me the link and I'll link back here. If you don't have a blog and there is a blessing you want to talk about, email me and I'll post it along with my daily blessing. I can even post it anonymously, if you'd prefer. There's something very powerful about focusing on what's right in our lives, and I intend to live this way, walking on the path of gratitude.

Day Two:
PhotobucketToday I am grateful for the little girl sleeping in her crib, just down the hall.  She's rambunctious.  Always full of energy.  Always on the move.  Always deeply interested in something, trying to find out what's behind that closed door or in that drawer.  In short, she wears me out and most days I fall into bed at night feeling like I've been mauled by a bear.  And the absolute truth of the matter is that I would have it no other way. 

She is exactly who she was created to be.  No ADHD here, just a child full of life, enthusiastic about the world around her.  Her eyes fill with wonder when she sees or hears something new and she immediately begins to investigate.  We've had some bumps along the road, dealt with our measure of slow weight gain and ear infections, but how can I not be grateful when I have such a beautiful angel living in my house?  She's my blessing, my angel, my precious girl.  And I'm so grateful to call her that beautiful name...Daughter.


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