Friday, August 1

Goodness on Display

Hitting Publish on these two posts (here and here) about my struggles with depression were really difficult. And after each one, I spent days wondering if I had worded the post in a way that fully conveyed my heart. And also wondering WHY? Why did I share something so deeply personal with the world? 

But the truth is, I knew I had to share. I knew with all my heart that this journey isn't just my own, it's yours too. Even if you haven't faced depression, anxiety or chronic illness as I have, you've faced your own battles and those battles are just as hard, long and taxing as this one. We aren't alone. We all face hard battles. To only share crafts and recipes and fun times might be easier, but that's not the entirety of my story. And I suspect it's not the whole of your story either.

Sharing that dark part of my story reminded me that there is far more harm in keeping things secret. Depression grows in the dark places and when I shine light on it, I'm telling it that it has no power here. I'm showing it that I won't be bullied into the corner anymore. And I'm showing you that you don't have to be bullied either.

It might be easier for me to wait until my heart is healed, until the dark days are past, to share this part of my story with you. I could write a post about how I "once struggled with depression, but not anymore" and move on. But then you wouldn't be witness to it. And I know that as you witness this journey toward healing and freedom, you will see the Goodness of God. That He is good and He heals and restores. You will see the process of His grace at work. The more free I become in Him, the more my life demonstrates the Goodness of God.

Blessings, Friends. May you see the Goodness of God.


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April@MySacredSojourn said...

I am not a Twitter user. I also no longer post at this blog. My new blog is, if you care to stop by. Thank you!!