Thursday, June 19

Summer in Photos

I just really can't believe it's June 19 already. Really? But then I look at all we've been doing and wowzers, we've been busy!  Here's a peek into our last few weeks.

Seen in southeast Oklahoma on a weekend trip with Hubby...
it makes my brain hurt and my eye is twitching.

I don't believe this is proper iPad viewing procedure. 
Also we chopped her hair off and I want to cry. 
But it's too cute so I just lament her lost baby face.

Our first tomato harvest and a few more strawberries...and a VERY happy little farmer!


To house these:

Her preferred spot for watching Looney Toons. 
That's MY grandfather, her great-grandfather.
I had my great-grandmother until 
I was 24 years old. I hope she has her great-grandparents until at least then. :)

I could live here. We played, we laughed, we breathed deep. It was delightful.

This guy. Best. Daddy. Ever.
And this garden. Best. Smells. Ever.

The biggest koi fish I've ever seen...they were nearly 3-feet long. 
They kinda creep me out actually. In a strangely beautiful, 
"I could swallow your child whole" kinda way.

"Why do I have to stand by the lady showing her panties???"

 And last of all, I found this written in the back of an 
unused notebook I pulled off the shelf to take on our road trip. 
That's my handwriting. I have no idea when I wrote it.

Hope you're having a great summer...I know we are!

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