Monday, June 16

Kitchen Progress...painted cabinets!

Just wanted to pop in and share some progress we've made on the kitchen! Yes, we're STILL working on it.  Let me tell ya' folks...this has taken waaaaay longer than either of us expected. Painting the cabinets shouldn't have been a big deal. They were natural, unfinished cabinets from Lowe's. Just slap a coat of paint on them right? Wrong. I'm allergic to latex so we had to pay a friend to do part of it, then I had to stay away from the area while Hubby finished up the rest. I'm glad this part is over!

So, to jog your memory, here's the kitchen when we toured the house in 2008:

The kitchen after painting the original cabinets, shortly after moving in:

After gutting the old kitchen and adding the new cabinets:

And, the newly painted cabinets!

There are still several more things to finish up in here, but this step makes such a huge difference! The kitchen is light and bright now and I think I'm in love. :)

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