Wednesday, May 7

Strawberry Tower

My girls LOVE strawberries. But there's a problem...we're trying to eat more organic produce and avoid the Dirty Dozen, which includes strawberries.  And organic strawberries can be really expensive! The best option is to grow them ourselves.

I found a flat of strawberry plants at my favorite local greenhouse for $20, 36 plants total. Some of them already had berries on them! I decided to plant them a few different ways to see what would work best. To start with, I spray painted some ugly pots with primer and then glossy red paint (trying not to get paint inside.)

I placed a sturdy plastic greenhouse pot upside down in the largest red pot and filled in around it with dirt. The greenhouse pot takes up space, making the strawberry tower lighter weight because it uses less soil. It also supports the top pot of the tower.

After filling the pots with soil, we added some of our strawberry plants and watered well. Tomorrow I'll show you where we planted the rest of the berry plants. We've placed the tower by our patio, where it can get enough sun. My girls love checking the tower everyday to see if there are more berries, ripe and ready to eat!

Are you planting a garden this year? What are you growing?

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