Tuesday, January 3

12 Crafty Projects for 2012

I've been thinking about what I want to attempt in 2012.  With a baby on the way and gall bladder surgery 6 weeks later, I'm just not sure I'll have the time or energy to tackle anything huge this year (you know, like painting rooms, removing the popcorn from our ceilings, refinishing our back deck, etc.) But I know me...I won't be happy if I don't have some sort of creative endeavor going!  Here's my list of 12 Crafty Projects for 2012.  {None of these photos are mine...they're all here for inspiration as I begin my own projects.  Please check out the source links for more info!}

1. Make a set of finger puppets for Miss A and New Baby (still trying to think of a nickname for her!)

2. Organize my craft supplies into a neat, tidy and inspiring space.  DONE!!!

3. Help Sweet Hubby design and build a sensory table for our girls.

4. Finish Miss A's Little Birdy themed big girl room.  (Almost there...I promise!!)

5. Make some alphabet magnets for the refrigerator...so much cuter than the plastic ones!

6. Make some pennant banners out of lovely fabrics.

7. Make lined canvas bins for storing various things throughout our house.  (We already have lots of diaper boxes...might as well put them to use!)

8. Make an upholstered headboard (or makeover an existing headboard?) for our master bedroom.

9.  Make a button monogram for our living room (and maybe one for each of the girls' rooms?)

10.  Finish the alphabet sampler I started for Miss A.

11.  Make some pretty pillows for our master bedroom and the living room.

12. Make a paper/cardboard Christmas village.

That should keep me busy this year, don't you think?  Next January I'll have to see how many of them I actually got done!  :)  What's on YOUR to-craft list this year?



Cami said...

Wow. That is an ambitious list! I should really organize my life so.
I'm so glad you won my giveaway! Could you email me your address and I'll send the goodies right away (before it's too hard to find the Christmas boxes for next year).
Congrats and thanks again for all the comments!

JENNY K. said...

Love that project lineup. I'm going to have to come back and pin a few things when I've got a bit more time.