Tuesday, December 27

Christmas Aftermath

Miss A and Mommy on Christmas Eve
I hope your Christmas was as wonderful as ours has been!  Christmas Eve featured our traditional gift exchange with my parents and siblings.  This year it was so much more fun because Miss A insisted on helping every person open their "pwesents."  Yep, I think she's got the gift-opening figured out now!  Sweet Hubby and I attended our church's Christmas Eve service, one of the most meaningful services I've ever attended.  It was a wonderful way to head into a day honoring the birth of our Lord.

Christmas found just the three of us at home for a peaceful morning.  We opened presents, made cinnamon rolls and even took a nap before heading back to my parents' house for Christmas dinner with the family.  Overall, it was a relaxing, joy-filled weekend!

Christmas morning!  These PJs were a huge hit!
Heading into this week, my plan is to make menus, put away the Christmas decor and finish up some new craft projects...I can't wait to show you what I have in mind for my winter decor!  I'll also be stalking Pinterest for some toy organization ideas.  I think I've fully reached the nesting stage of this pregnancy and can't wait to get the nursery completed and ready for our new little girl!

So tell me, how was your Christmas?  Any big plans for this week?