Thursday, June 9

Yard Sale Finds...oh happy day!

Saturday we had time to stop at a few yard sales.  I passed these by the first time, but called my Dad later and begged him to go pick them up for me in his truck.  I'm glad he went because he ended up getting them for just $2 each!  He's my favorite! 

I'm prepping for a craft show in September and I think the doors will make a perfect backdrop for the booth!  They will not be staying these colors...way too bold, but the size is great and they'll be perfect once they're spiffied up (and the restroom sign removed!)  I'm telling ya'...this show will be great.  I feel it in my bones.  : )


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Sugar_Tart said...

I was stopping by to thank you for being my newest follower, and I'm returning the favor. Wohoo #30!

I'm in love with all the wall art I've seen as I was browsing around so I can't wait to see what you come up with for these doors!