Thursday, June 23

Thrifty Thursday: Yard Sale Finds!

Last weekend I was able to hit a few yard sales before it got just too darn hot to run around anymore.  I'm so happy with my treasures and thought I'd share them with you!

Black metal display stand: $2
Blue metal basket: 50 cents
Solid wood lazy Susan: $1
Vintage handkerchiefs: 5/$1

Not pictured:
MDF plate rack/quilt hanger: $4
Plastic wagon (for Miss A): $2
Barbie laptop (for Miss A): $1

I'm thrilled with the lazy Susan that I picked up!!  I've been looking for one so I could make an art supply caddy for Miss A's playroom like this one at right from Playing House.  It's just too cute!!  I've had clearance buckets from Tar-jay for a few months, just needed the lazy Susan! 

From Sensational Silverware

The black display stand went to a friend for her booth at craft shows.  Her business is called Sensational Silverware and Creations...please check her out!  She just got her online store up and running and it would be great if she got flooded with orders.  She creates unique items (including home decor and jewelry like this ring) out of vintage silverware!  Please go show her some love!

That's all for today...I'm hoping to hit a few sales this weekend and if I find more goodies, I'll share them next Thursday.  If not, I'll share something else for Thrifty Thursday...a frugal recipe, craft or other idea!  Hope to see you then!


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