Wednesday, May 18

Master Bedroom Fluffing

I never could find bedding for our master bedroom that I really liked...until a few weeks ago.  While killing time between classes, I stopped into Target.  That's always a bad idea because when I go in there, a Spirit of Spend comes all over me.  I rebuke it, but alas, I am helpless to its power.  (You're not buying that story?  Yeah, neither does Sweet Hubby.)  Anyway, I found a comforter that I really liked, but I wasn't ready to spend money on our bedroom so I ignored it.  I figured by the time I had money it would be gone and I could go on hating ignoring that room.

Fast forward to last week:  I was walking through the home section when I spied my favorite thing:  red clearance tags.  Wait a minute, did I see a clearance tag on my comforter?  Why yes, yes it was!!  I assumed that all the king size sets would be gone, but no!!!  I picked it up and looked at the tag and very nearly had a heart attack.  $20.98!!!!  No. Way.  Can you believe it? 

Let me tell ya, I love this comforter.  It is so bright and cheerful that it just makes my heart sing.  Okay, not really...this is what makes my heart sing.  But I do enjoy having it in our room!  And to sweeten the deal, I found a gallon of mis-tinted paint at Lowe's today to paint the room a lighter shade (the blue we have has always been too dark for me.)  Yep, that's right...only $5!!!  And this is Valspar Signature Colors, so it's normally at least $30 a gallon...that's a major savings! 

In the end, I'll have a brand-spankin'-new bedroom for under $30.  And as we say around these parts, you can't beat that with a stick!

So tell me...have you found any bargains lately?


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