Saturday, April 23

Inspiration Board: Playroom

from HGTV Rate My Space user jwright_tx
This summer, I'd like to spend some time focusing on our playroom, since Miss A is really showing an interest in independent play.  I want her to have a place to use her imagination, pretend and learn.  Here are some of the things inspiring me as I think about what I want that room to become.

Color:  See the rooms to the left?  Um, yes please!  I love that color bright and cheerful!  The walls in the playroom are already painted pale green and I won't be repainting, but I still think this can work.  I already have some of those lime green and blue canvas bins like in the pic to the left.  And I have several diaper boxes I've been saving so that I can make some canvas-lined storage bins as illustrated by Positively Splendid.

From TomKat Studio
Storage:  We have a 9-cube unit (similar to the TV stand in the top inspiration pic) and we may buy a few more of them.  There's also a cove-type area to the new playroom and I have an idea to build some bookshelves and a small bench on that wall.  I love the idea of turning the lower portion of the closet into a reading nook like this pic below (from Apartment Therapy).  How fun to have a secret hideaway!

from Apartment Therapy

Details:  I think the fun will be all in the details, so I'm loving these cute paper pompoms everyone is making (like in the Project Nursery photo).  I have in mind to find some stripe and polka dot fabrics to use for window treatments and a big pillow for that reading nook.  And I love this art caddy from The Crafters File Box.  Look so easy to make and right now Target has cute little metal buckets in the $1 section in the perfect colors!  So cute!! 

I have some other ideas percolating too, but I think that's enough dreaming for now!  Have suggestions?  I'd love to hear them!

P.S. Please excuse the wonkiness of this post. Blogger hates me.  I'm seriously considering a move to another blogging service.  Any thoughts?


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