Monday, February 21

Window Shopping

I always feel the need to preface posts like this with this disclaimer:  I DON'T NEED ANYTHING.  I know that I am blessed beyond measure.  But we just got our taxes done and we'll be getting a rather hefty return.  So, a girl can dream, right?  Besides, these are things I've had on my radar for awhile now.  If I happen to find them at a dirt-cheap sales price or second-hand, all the better!

Honey + Fitz Pantry

I love that little bookcase thingy above.  Of course, she has hers perfectly accessorized, but I'd prefer mine in a dark coffee stain with matching baskets to house all of Miss A's toys.  While we're at it, can I get a couple of those lampshades, too?  I have some lamps (okay, FIVE!) that desperately need a makeover and new drum shades.  As soon as spring fully arrives and gives me some good painting weather, those babies are going ugly brass to gorgeous something-else.  (Real specific huh?  I still can't decide what color to paint the bases!)

And can I please get someone to come organize my pantry like this?  You can even paint it that's just perfect!  I'm drooooling over this pantry!  It's the perfect mix of stylish and functional.  Those drawers?  Genius!  And if that person that comes to organize it could also shop for all the healthy foods and somehow impart to me the knowledge to prepare them, that'd be great too.  (Hey, it's worth a shot!)

While you're organizing, maybe you could add something like this to Miss A's closet?  I see they've used those same cool basket shelf things like in that pantry.  I wish Miss A's closet was this's about 1/4 this size and everything is kind of shoved in there.  I have an idea for making it lighter and brighter, though.  Maybe I'll finish that project soon?  (Maybe even finish it in time for this week's Get Your Craft On?)
Speaking of Miss A, we're going to take Mommy 'n' Me swim lessons in the summer so I'm going to need a new bathing suit.  The last time I bought a bathing suit I never wore it outside my house!  But I think if I get one from here, I wouldn't be afraid to be seen at the pool!  Isn't that one of the cutest suits you've ever seen?  And totally modest, which is right up my alley!  Of course, they don't have it in my size.  But the new styles will be available beginning in March, so you know I'll be shopping for sure then!  And can we just talk about these baby swimsuits?  I mean, how ca-yute are those strawberries?!?

Modest Bathing Suits
Well, that's enough daydreaming for one day...think I better call it a night before I'm tempted to pull out my debit card!  Happy dreaming!


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