Tuesday, January 18

January Goals

So, it's January 18th, huh?  I'm just now getting around to posting my goals for this month, but better late than never, right?

Here are my top 3 goals for the month and the progress:

1. Eat at home. 

We're doing really good on this one!  We've only eaten out three times: once with my parents, once for a date, once when we were out of town over the lunch hour and wouldn't be home until late.  That is a VAST improvement over November when we ate out SEVENTEEN times.  Seventeen.  I can try to blame it on school, but come on...that's just insane!  Talk about bad for our bodies (not to mention our checkbook!!)  So, my goal was to eat at home and I think we're doing splendidly! I've even taken snacks to class with me, so I won't have to buy anything. I'm so proud of us.  But I'm really proud of me...eating at home means I'm cooking more, something I know Sweet Hubby appreciates.  And I can honestly say I feel better.  Really!

2. Stop drinking Dr. Pepper.

I'm doing okay on this one.  Not great, but ok.  I should've made my goal to drink water.  But I didn't.  So, I've just replaced my daily Dr. Pepper(s) with glass(es) of iced tea.  Not a wise move.  But at least I know the sugar in my tea isn't high fructose corn syrup, right?  Right?  Okay, this one needs improvement.  And it's not like these are written in stone.  I can amend it and drink water instead.  Doesn't mean I will.  There's always February.

3. Purge stuff.

Not good on this one.  Not good at all.  The problem?  Mom and I are planning to have a yard sale and get rid of junk good stuff once it warms up. It won't warm up until April.  So, where will I store the stuff until then?  My storage shed isn't spacious, ya'll.  Enough excuses...I'll start purging on Friday.  Maybe.  Wait, I just remembered that I gave away some Christmas stuff!  Maybe I'm doing good after all. :)

It's only the 18th...we still have 13 days to meet the goals.  We'll see how it goes.


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