Thursday, January 27

B.O.R., The Miss A Edition

Haha...I just realized that the acronym for Bits of Randomness is BOR.  Oh the irony!  Do you have a box of kleenex nearby?  No?  Well, you should go get one because you're about to be BORed to tears.  Unless you're a grandparent of a certain little woman that lives in this house.  In that case, you might enjoy this.
  1. Miss A has discovered toilet paper.  More specifically, she's discovered that a great activity is to pull the end.  And pull and pull and pull.  This pic is when I caught her...she was mid getaway attempt, but Momma was faster.  Fastest lens in the west, ya'll.
  2. Miss A has taken to throwing little fits, tantrums if you will, when she doesn't get her way.  Do all parents have to try so hard not to laugh?  I don't want her know I think it's ca-yute.
  3. Once, my friend's three-year old son said that God told him that naps are disgraceful.
      Apparently, Miss A has also been talking to God because she agrees wholeheartedly with that statement.
  4. Miss A wakes up pretty much every morning and after every nap looking like this:  major bed head
  5. And, oh yeah, she's walking now!

I think that's all I can bore you with for now.  I'm glad we had this chat.  :)


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Erin said...

Congratulations on Miss A's first steps!