Tuesday, December 28

Do you smell that?

The wheels in my head are turning.  Usually this is the part where someone (my Dad, my Mom, my Sweet Hubby, my Papaw etc. etc. etc.) chimes in to say, "I thought I smelled something burning."  Oh my, I am loved.  :)

Anyway, this being the last week of 2010 and all, I have some plans up my sleeve.  Plans that involve cleaning supplies, a dusting cloth and a broom.  Plans that involve rubbermaid tubs and Christmas decorations.  The goal?  To clean this house top to bottom, spic and span, before week's end.  Am I insane?  Probably.  Do I care?  Not a bit.

PhotobucketSome people are prepping for major parties to take place Friday night, buying booze and fireworks.  Me?  I'm taking inventory to make sure I have enough vinegar, baking soda and borax, making certain all the cleaning cloths are ready to go.  For some reason, I have a burning desire to enter 2011 with a spotless house.  Good bye 2010, goodbye dirt!

P.S.  I am currently accepting volunteers to help make this dream a reality.  Don't miss your chance to be involved with Clean Freak 2010!  (Crickets chirping.)  Anyone?  Hello, is this thing on?


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