Sunday, December 26

2011, here I come!

2011.  It just doesn't seem possible that 2010 is already coming to a close.  It's been such an amazing, stressful, wonderful, horrible year.  Amazing how so much good and bad can be crammed into a measly 12 months!  There is so much to be thankful for after this year, but there are also a lot of things I want to see changed in 2011. 

PhotobucketI don't really make resolutions, I make goals.  So, I typed up a list of things I want to change in 2011.  For my personal list, I broke it up into categories:  health, home, relationships, spiritual and school.  Each category has 3 or more items listed and a timeline for completion.  Some are long-term and will take the entire year or longer, some I can probably complete in January.  Some I won't be able to tackle until the summer or next fall.  Some of my goals are very concrete, while others are more subjective.  Some are very simple, while others will involve a lot of research and time.  Some are one-time events while others involve lifestyle change. 

There is a lot I want to see changed in my life over the course of the next year. Here are just a few items from my list:
  1. Drink more water.
  2. Eliminate use of harsh chemicals from our home (including cleaning supplies and personal care products.)  Use only natural alternatives.
  3. Plan and execute menu plans. (AKA Stop eating out!!)
  4. Be intentional about spending quality time with the people I love. 
  5. Give more.  Give more of my time, money, attention, love, care, intentionality to the people around me.
  6. Simplify.  De-clutter our house and get rid of any item I'm keeping out of guilt or fear. If it doesn't have sentimental or actual value, find a better home for it.
I can't say I'm sad to close the book on 2010.  Although it brought one of the greatest treasures in my life (Miss A!) it has also been a long road of illness and stress.  I'm ready to head into 2011 with a song in my heart, a plan in my pocket and a smile on my face. 

What are your goals for 2011?


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