Wednesday, September 1


This week, I:

Miss A's new squinty face
  1. UNDERestimated how difficult it would be to go to school full-time, take care of a house and be a wife and mommy.  I'm sitting here, 1-1/2 weeks after school started, exhausted.  My head is throbbing.  My eyes are tired.  My shoulders are sore from the 2+ hours in the car commuting to campus tonight.  (*And apparently I'm a big whiny baby on top of it all.)
  2. UNDERestimated how hard it would be to leave Miss A, for the 5-6 hours twice a week to go to class.  Even though she's staying with my parents and Sweet Hubby (so I know she's safe and loved)  it is SO hard to get in that car to leave.  Not one person in any of my classes is this cute.  Absolutely not one.
  3. OVERestimated my preparedness for returning to a full-time class load.  Seriously, what was I thinking?  5 classes and 3 of them are 4000 level?  Am I insane?  (*See note on Point 1.)
  4. OVERestimated my will power.  It is so much easier to grab something to eat on the way than to plan ahead and pack a snack to eat during my 4:30-7:15 I did.  Three times already.  This. must. stop. 

But enough whining for now...I think that Tylenol PM is kicking in.  Hopefully, I'll be posting more uplifting things later in the week, after I get some much needed sleep.  And eat some fruit.

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