Tuesday, August 24

Hittin' the books...

This is bitter-sweet, but tomorrow will be my first day of on-campus classes for the fall semester.  If I haven't mentioned this, in addition to being a wife and mommy, I'm a full-time student.  Eventually, I'll be able to call myself a teacher...my degree will be in early childhood education.  I absolutely love this field and I know it's perfect for me, but it's definitely taking much longer to complete school than I expected.  I still have a few years left, but I'll be a few years older with or without a degree....might as well have one, right?  Tomorrow afternoon I'll drop Miss A off at Gammy and Poppop's house.  I am SO blessed to be able to leave her with my parents for the few hours difference between when I have to leave and when Sweet Hubby gets off work. 

Just to make sure we have as crazy a life as possible, Sweet Hubby starts work on his Master's this semester, too! So, I guess starting tomorrow, we'll all be hittin' the books.  Keep us in your prayers...I'm sure we'll need them!

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