Monday, July 19

Curtain rod: Before & After

I should be cleaning the bathroom, but instead I did a quick project.  This is why I need the Project Home list.  And this project wasn't even ON that list!  :) The previous owners left their curtains and rods when they moved out.  The curtains have since found a new home (in a box in my craft studio), but the rods I left up.  After all, they were nice metal rods and I don't have the money to replace them...I need my extra cash for spray paint!  The color was all wrong though, like a distressed gold?  Not my style at all! 

So, a can of flat black spray paint later, I have one rod done.  I still need to paint the larger rod (and the smaller actually needs a few more coats), but I have to figure out a better system for painting long, round objects.  Sticking them in a box did. not. work. And it was windy today, so I'm sure that didn't help.  Sheesh...I'm too impatient! 

Here is a view of the smaller window, with the current window treatments.  It's just white cotton, hung with black clip rings.  I have plans to change these out for something else later in the week, so stay tuned to see how I dress two windows for FREE!

PS:  See that lamp to the left?  It's outta here...I don't know why, but it looks like an alien to me.  It was also a gift from the previous owners. 

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