Tuesday, June 8

Tuesdays Unwrapped

Today I will watch my baby sleep. I will think about how much she has grown, how much she has changed, just in the last 17 weeks since her birth. She will be four months old this week and I cannot believe it. 4 months. It seems like yesterday that we were getting ready to go to the hospital. Getting up early that morning, showering, packing the car, praying. Michael and I each a bundle of nervousness and excitement. Neither of us knowing what to expect from the labor and delivery, what to expect from parenthood. And now, we find ourselves parents. Parents to a beautiful daughter, a little girl so full of life that we can hardly stand it. So precious we find ourselves just staring at her for hours on end because she's the most beautiful thing we've ever laid eyes on.
And so, today I will stare at her more. I will watch her sleep, her tiny chest rising up and down with each breath, her eyelids flickering as she tries to wake up. I will listen for the sound of her cooing and giggles as she lies in her crib and watches the mobile dance above her head. I will smell the sweet scent of her skin and feel her hair brush against my cheek as I hold her. Today, I will bask in the joys of motherhood and of holding this precious life in my arms. I will savor this day because I will never get it back. This day is significant, if only because there is love in our home, a smile on my lips and a song of thanksgiving in my heart.

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Louis said...

April, I love to read your writings. You are so talented and put things so well. I am so proud and honored to be your mom. Love you, Sweetie